Frequently Asked Questions

Why use vibrational medicine?    
Vibrational Medicine is very powerful –yet gentle and pleasant in its application. According to principles of several modalities – such as Chinese Medicine – any symptom originates in our vibrational energy fields. Vibrational remedies target the imbalances in these fields and introduce balancing vibrational frequencies – thus correcting energetic imbalances and restoring equilibrium to the specific and entire bio-energetic field.
What makes VibEMed Margaret River different?   
Rather than ingesting the essences, our remedies are applied externally in the appropriate energy fields only. Not only does this eliminate the problems that may arise with ingestion of alcohol based remedies, but is very precise and efficient. The VibeOn Chakra Mists and the Golden Age Essences don’t even have to be absorbed via the skin – misting the specific energy body or personal space is quite effective.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The VibEMed Balance allows the therapist to establish precisely which energy field is out of balance and simultaneously corrects the imbalance with carefully designed essence blends. Clients love this very pleasant and effective method!
How does it work?
A balanced meridian / chakra has a multitude of vibrational information at specific harmonious frequencies that make up the sum of a free flowing meridian / chakra. It is similar to a chord of different harmonic notes that resonate in harmony together. If one of these frequencies is in discord, the whole “chord” (meridian / chakra) will sound/be out of tune and perhaps manifest a symptom.            Each of the individual notes/frequencies that make up the harmonic chord of a particular meridian / chakra is addressed by one of the appropriate flower essences in the corresponding VibeOn. Because the flower essences are self-regulating, only the one(s) that need to act on which ever frequency is out of harmony will do their work. Thus restoring balance to the affected meridian /chakra and subsequently balancing the entire system.
What can it be used for?           
The VibeOns and VibEMed Balance can be used to support and enhance any issue or healing process someone may be challenged by – whether that is emotional, mental or physical. The VibeOns work on children as well as adults and we have had positive feedback from people who used them on their pets.                                                                                                                                                                                    The Golden Age Essences introduce new vibrational information into our energetic blueprint that may assist in raising our vibrations so we can reach our personal highest  potential and contribute to a frequency rise of the collective.
Can anyone buy/ use your products?       
Yes! Anyone can buy and use the products. Quite often an intuitive approach to using the products is appropriate. As the products contain flower essences that are self-regulating, they will only act upon those vibrational systems that need balancing. To achieve optimal results however it is highly recommended, that the practitioner / user attends our workshops or has relevant background knowledge in flower essence therapy and / or a modality of bodywork. If you suffer from a known allergic reaction to one or some of the ingredients a patch test is recommended. Though we use natural and organic ingredients that usually do not provoke a reaction.
Which Essences are contained in The VibeOn Mists and Rollers?  
We use Australian Bush Flower Essences in the VibeOns.  We highly recommend the website of the Australian Bush Flower Essences for questions relating to these Essences and the modality of Flower Essence Therapy:
The Golden Age Essences are created from “scratch” by Annette Krah from Australian Tree Seeds
Are your products and modalities a substitute for medical treatments?      
No! Please consult a medical practitioner if symptoms persist. Our products may greatly support and enhance medical, chiropractic, dental treatments and holistic counseling when used according to our guidelines. They do not interfere with medical treatments.