With all her remarkable knowledge and experience, Annette has been led to develop not only her own unique blend of VibEMed flower essence combinations but also her own accredited modality, VibEMed Balance, which couples these essence remedies with human touch.
Rener Health has been working with Annette over the past 18 months promoting her seminars and stocking the VibEMed products. We would like to share the remarkable work she is doing…we believe VibEMed is a valuable tool to use in your practice and will help treat your clients, which is why we are all here of course.

Rebecca Hall, Rener Health Products , Canningvale

I have several chronic and debilitating back injuries, compounded by a seriously broken pelvis and the resulting remoulding of bone structure, muscle and soft tissue…I first had treatment from Annette five years ago…I now see her on a regular basis and I have …benefited greatly from Annette’s vast knowledge, her varied wonderful treatments and healing hands. Annette introduced me to the ‘Chakra mists’, ‘Roll-ons’…and these have been of enormous benefit to me.
Annette’s treatments have the effect of adding such balance and harmony to my everyday life…

Neville Jones

I was suffering the effects of loss and grief from the traumatic death of our granddaughter. Combined with this loss, I was diagnosed as having severe osteoporosis….The work with Annette certainly contributed to me gathering my inner self together (and) I started to pick up from that point. I decided to take an holistic approach (to the osteoporosis) incorporating exercises…breath work…calcium…vitamin D (and) dark green vegetables. As well as this, I worked with Annette…where she again used Vibrational medicine techniques, drops and a meditation for strengthening the spine. When I had my yearly bone scan, I had gone from Severe to Moderate Risk…and I feel that…the work with Annette certainly…contributed towards my improvement.

Margaret River local

After receiving RESET, Theta, Psychezone treatment and Vibeons from Annette Krah, I had instant relief from 7 year chronic back injury (spondylolisthesis), and 23 year neck injury (with) soft tissue damage to cervical spine (severe whiplash).
I also instantly broke a 2 year addiction to sleeping tablets, prescription pain killers, antidepressants and anti-inflammatories. I have also been freed of some deep tooted emotional imbalances.
This is nothing short of a miracle

S Campbell

Thanks for the essences. Keep up the great work. Blessings and light


I found the (Revibe Face Treatment workshop) very informative and an uplifting spiritual experience – very enjoyable – I highly recommend it!

Verity Thompson

Well demonstrated (Revibe Face Treatment workshop), good manual, good instruction. Walking away feeling like I can do the massage. Well done, thanks.

Jude Barry

Beautiful course! (Revibe Face Treatment workshop) Adds a lovely dimension to our treatments.

Gillian McKinon, A New Attitude Health and Beauty

Great course (Revibe Face Treatment workshop) , most relaxing course I have ever done. The way the technique works and makes you feel is amazing…really glad I have done the course to see how different energies work and make you feel.

Jacinta Polain

Excellent presentation and invaluable guide for dynamic healing using non-invasive treatments (VibEMed Level 1 Practitioners Course)

Jo MacNamara

A first class workshop in every way (VibEMed Level 1 Practitioners Course). Wonderfully inspirational – great information to put into practice. Beautiful people to work with!

Jan Marie Hammond

Absolutely brilliant (VibEMed Level 1 Practitioners Course). Very informative and loved the practical work. Enjoyed giving and receiving. Very simple to use and so powerful. Thankyou for an amazing weekend.

Mandi Miller, Love and blessings

Absolutely beautiful energy and premises (VibEMed Level 1 Practitioners Course). Small number in class…individual attention greatly appreciated…(so the) experience…could be shared and talked through.

Lesley Murgatroyd, Perth

The Heart and Base chakra mists worked like magic last Sunday. I walked along the beach; felt tired…Prepared lunch and felt faint, started eating, but couldn’t continue. Used the sprays; within about 20 minutes I felt revived, eating lunch and very relaxed. Rested, repeated sprays after an hour. It was like a ‘miracle’…

Patrick Spurgeon, Love and gratitude