Book: The Golden Age Essences


“When the trees of the last paradise share their wisdom, great transformations will occur for mankind.”                                                                                                  Ancient Prophecy

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Australia is one of the most ancient lands on our planet. She holds ecological systems of every kind and generations of native trees which have evolved over millennia. Within her trees lie the genetic wisdom of millennia of experience. Within their seeds lie the energetic vibrations which encapsulate these memories, this wisdom.

Annette Krah, an experienced healer and therapist, ten years ago was called to bring these energies to the people of the planet. Her journey and her experiences with the trees resulted in the creation of The Golden Age Essences.

For practitioner, student and layman, this book provides an essential insight into each of the 13 essences of the Golden Age Essence range.  It describes the ‘virtues’; the messages, grace and wisdom each of them now bring to us. Dosage and application is revealed and possible scientific reasoning is provided describing how each remedy accesses the cells, whereby providing emotional and physical changes for the vital and important evolution of humankind into this new era of consciousness – The Golden Age.

„There is no chance for any mistakes, if your teacher is the 3rd day of creation where the plants, trees and flowers were created as the fundamental source for all living beings on earth. Annette Krah is reading the genetic make-up of the seeds of trees, their subtility and their healing energy just like Hildegard of Bingen did 900 years ago.  Based on her visions Hildegard described trees, plants, spices, precious stones, animals and the 4 elements among other things. Annette uses tree and plant seeds to create essences to help find a way to peace, harmony and joy in life.  This book is a summary as well as a guide for a new  understanding about a nature-based medicine from the very old continent of Australia.  It shows us how important spirituality is in order to find holistic healing for body, soul and mind.“

            Dr. Wighard Strehlow, author of Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine

The seed mandalas in the book capture the ‘heart notes’ of the individual Golden Age Essences and may be used as one of the means of determining which essence is appropriate at any one time.

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