Training and Courses

The VibEMed Balance ™ is a new healing modality approved by the IICT and registered VibEMed Balance practitioners are eligible for professional indemnity insurance with OAMPS in Australia.
IICT members receive 10% off the initial Level 1, Advanced Practitioner and ReVibe Face Treatment training (not applicable to repeater courses).
The VibEMed Balance ™ (& the VibeOns) may be used as a sovereign modality as well as in addition to any other therapy.
Qualification received at the end of training: Certified VibEMed Balance™ Practitioner
Pathway to becoming a VibEMed Balance Practitioner
  • VibEMed Level 1
  • 10 documented client sessions
  • Refresher VibEMed Level 1
  • 10 documented client sessions
• Advanced Practitioner Course
  • 10 documented client sessions
  • Refresher Advanced Practitioner Course
  • Remaining 20 client sessions
  • ReVibe Face Treatment and ReVibe refresher course may be visited at any stage
VibEMed Balance™ Level I
This two-day workshop is 25% theory and 75% hands-on. 
It gives new insights into the meridian system and teaches a specific sequence that enables the practitioner to balance the meridian system and chakras within a very well rounded 1hr client session.
Specific application of the VibeOns are discussed.
Includes comprehensive workshop manual.
Pre-requisites: background knowledge in a modality of bodywork and/or flower essence therapy. VibEMed Margaret River DVD
VibEMed Balance™ Advanced Practitioner
This one-day workshop is an interactive forum to deepen your knowledge and intuitive approach to using the VibeOns.
It introduces Hildegard von Bingen’s Humoral-pathology and Psycho-therapy and identifies which essences co-relate to the vertebrae within this context.
Pre-requisites: VibEMed Level 1
Re-Vibe Face Treatment™
Learn a deeply transformational facial sequence that incorporates ayurvedic principles, marma points and neurovascular points in a treatment that works on all levels! This is not “just a facial”! Great for sinus and jaw problems, headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, nervousness, depression, anxiety and much more. Relaxing and rejuvenating! 
This is a one-day, hands-on workshop.
Pre-requisites: Previous bodywork advantageous but not necessary.
Hours of training required
Prerequisites to workshops apply – 58hrs (LEVEL 1, 2 & ReVibe Face Treatment plus 1 repeat workshop each)
plus a minimum of 50hrs documented client sessions.
Statutory regulations / Practitioners need to be registered
Practitioners need to be registered with VibEMed Margaret River®. Practitioners must adhere to our Code of Conduct /Ethics. 
VibEMed Margaret River® reserves the right to withdraw certification from a practitioner if he / she does not comply with the modality as taught; misconduct or malpractice, or any other behaviour or action that could discredit VibEMed Margaret River® in any way, without notice or any explanation.
Host a workshop
If you would like to host one of our workshops, a seminar on the Golden Age Essences or a presentation on the VibeOns , please contact us via email: or call  + 6 1  4 1 4 8 8 7 8 1 1  during office hours.